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Read Paul Latham Jackson's account of how the F2 came to exist
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It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, Latham sports cars offered for sale will often be featured here.

During recent years, several F2s have changed hands - two of them via eBay, two privately, and five as a result of adverts placed here. Currently, there are none available, that we know of.

Five of those sold previously were road-ready, while three were unfinished projects. Amazingly, there are even a few unbuilt Lathams still out there, with some owners having never even begun their kits, while several others are left with a fair amount of work still do before completion. At the last definitive count, fourteen cars were on the road (or road-worthy!), with around a dozen still in the throes of construction.

Prices vary enormously, and depend upon build quality, age and specification. If you're looking for a Latham, then expect to pay around £1000 for a kit that's hardly been started. Unfinished projects (or restoration projects!) change hands for between £1200 and £3000, depending upon parts and stage of construction, while complete cars can fetch anything up to £8,000. That seems a miniscule amount for a car of this calibre and rarity, but there you go!


There are currently no examples of the Latham F2 for sale.
However, please Contact us if you are interested in acquiring a Latham, and should any become available, we will let you know.

Listings for cars that have been sold through this website are retained here as useful reference:

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F2043 -SOLD IN 2014
F2045 -SOLD IN 2014
F2048 - SOLD IN 2012
Latham F2045 for sale - SOLD
Latham F2043 for sale - SOLD
Latham F2044 for sale - SOLD
F2045 - SOLD IN 2010
F2043 - SOLD IN 2009
F2044 - SOLD IN 2009
Latham F2046 for sale - SOLD
Latham F2049 for sale - SOLD
Latham F2048 for sale - SOLD
F2046 - SOLD IN 2006
F2049 - SOLD IN 2005
F2048 - SOLD IN 2005
Latham F2050 for sale - SOLD
Lotus Elan SE Turbo for sale
F2050 - SOLD IN 2005
MORGAN 4/4 - SOLD 2010