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F2050 - SOLD

It isn't often that a Latham F2 comes on the market, so we were delighted to publicise the availability of F2050 when it was offered for sale in February 2005. At the end of March, the car sold, but we have left the details here for the time being as a record.

Constructed in 1992, this car had been built and owned from new by Alan Pridham. It is fitted with the Dolomite Sprint 2 litre sixteen-valve engine, but includes the uprated oil pump and oil cooler kit, as well as later, more efficient water pump. As is the case with all Latham F2s fitted with the Dolomite engine, an electric cooling fan has been employed.

The engine's performance has been further enhanced by the addition of the Moss PlusKit B (‘Fast Road’ camshaft with carburettor needles to suit, and uprated valve springs and K+N air filters) A "lead free" head has also been fitted.

The interior has been well trimmed and finished off with leather seats. An excellent sound system (including six-disk CD changer unit) has been installed, together with CB radio. The car was sold complete with loads of spares.

As he hoped, Alan sold "Kitty" complete, and the car has since found a new home in the Midlands.

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Please note: This sale was completed in March 2005 and F2050 is no longer for sale.

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