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F2045 - SOLD 2010

F2045 became available in late 2009, and subsequently sold to an existing Latham owner. The chassis's future hung in doubt for a while, as the owner debated over accessing F2045 purely as a source of spares for his first Latham or whether to attempt a complete build. In the end some components were removed, but in other respects F2043 currently sits in limbo, waiting for someone to make a decision one way or the other.

F2045 was originally delivered to the previous owner, Mark, in 1990, and he told us that the chassis "has a Dolomite Sprint engine fitted with completely rebuilt twin SU carburettors and the bunch of bananas exhaust manifold," by which we assume he meant the elaborate four-branch system specifically designed for the Latham that, in itself, releases an additional 15 bhp from the engine.

The installation also included the optional remote oil cooler. The manual four-speed gearbox had been installed, together with a shortened and balanced propshaft. All the suspension and brakes, including servo, were fitted, and a new fuel tank was in the boot, together with a high-performance electric fuel pump.

Mark had also completed the fitting of the wiring loom, some of which can be seen in the accompanying photograph.

At the time of sale, the aforementioned exhaust manifold had yet to be mated to the bespoke Latham exhaust system, but this was included in the sale, as was an MGB screen surround and rubber. Mark also had a full set of headlamp bowls and indicator/sidelight units. These and a number of other components are illustrated in the photograph below, bottom right.

Together with the chassis and all the major components already installed, such as front and rear suspension, dampers, springs, steering rack and column, back axle and pedal-box assembly, the sale also included a spare Sprint engine and gearbox with overdrive. Visible in the shot (left) are the special made-to-order Spax damper units, now unique to the Latham, and the dashboard and centre console can be seen in the next photograph.

The final photo on the left shows the cockpit with the door open. The white marks were just the remains of some tape used to keep the doors shut whilst Mark was working on the F2. The door locks had yet to be installed, but Mark had achieved a good fit on the doors themselves - one of the more difficult aspects of an F2 build, so it was good to know that part has been completed already.

"I still have all the original receipts, which also show that I bought and fitted a camshaft from Holbay, a Group II clutch, lightened flywheel, and a brake bias valve. I also have the original registration documents from the donor vehicles." Mark had great plans for racing the F2 in the kit car series of the day, so went for the highest standard of competition components that he could afford at the time.

The asking price was "offers in the region of" £2300.


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