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F2048 - SOLD IN 2012

Latham F2 F2048, For Sale

After seven years of ownership, many thousands of pounds, countless hours of work, and great enthusiasm, F2048 appeared on the market again having undergone a major ground-up restoration. During that time it had become a radically different and very impressive example of the Latham F2.

Regrettably, ill-health forced the sale and, after the amount of dedication, hard work and effort that went into F2048, it's easy to appreciate why this was a "reluctant" separation. By contrast, however, it did offer a new owner the chance to acquire a stunning example of the marque, requiring little or no additional work.

Latham F2 F2048, For Sale
Latham F2 F2048, For Sale
Latham F2 F2048, For Sale
Latham F2 F2048, For Sale
Latham F2 F2048, For Sale

During the course of the rebuild the car was stripped down to its component parts. The body itself had all the previous paint, surface crazing and gel coat removed and repaired, with any weak points locally strengthened to minimise the chance of future cracking.

The interior was fully reupholstered and trimmed in distinctive blue and white, using the original bespoke design Latham bucket seats, and including detailed work such as steering wheel, dashboard, handbrake lever and gaiters.

Mechanically, the car is fitted with the Dolomite Sprint 16-valve slant-four engine, mated to a four speed manual gearbox with overdrive on third and fourth. The engine is fed by standard Dolomite twin SU carburettors, while the cast iron Dolomite exhaust manifold is also employed. In this configuration the unit should be generating around 130 bhp - in a car weighing around 850 kilos.

The suspension was fitted with new poly bushes to most joints, including the rear suspension (which was still new enough to creak a bit!). Other new or fully-reconditioned components include rear shocks, steering joints, brakes front and rear (disc pads and shoes), front offside brake caliper, brake master cylinder, starter motor, water pump, oil cooler and radiator. The ignition system has been converted to electronic and fitted with high power leads, and the rest of the car has been fully rewired.

Latham F2 F2048, For Sale
Latham F2 F2048, For Sale

Luxury extras and additions include a bluetooth radio, parking sensors, front fog lamps, high intensity rear lamp clusters, air vents in bonnet top and sides, new immobilizer, central locking, rear wing and many, many other details and extras, amounting to several thousands of pounds in parts alone.

Like all F2s, F2048 is also very competitive to insure, depending upon no-claims, age and experience. A typical premium is around £100, and in this instance offers a guaranteed value of £8500.

F2048 was sold in September 2012, but these details and photos are left here as a record of F2048 at the time of her most recent sale, and as a useful reference to others.

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Please note that F2048 is no longer for sale.

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