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F2043 - SOLD IN 2014

latham F2045, for sale

Latham F2043, for salePerhaps the best Latham F2 ever privately built, F2043, was available for purchase in 2014, much to the regret of its former owner. A change in circumstances forced the sale of this stunning example of the marque, but offered anyone with an eye for something a bit special - and very rare - a chance to acquire a car that will not only turn heads, but reward the owner with amazing performance, economy and value for money..

Latham F2043, for sale
Latham F2043, for sale
Latham F2043, for sale
Latham F2043, for sale

Since purchasing F2043 about five years ago, the owner has carried out a thorough "rolling restoration" of the car - not only replacing a number of significant components, but also fettling the appearance of the car to ensure that the original high standards inherent in the build, completed by Roger Capps almost 25 years ago, have been maintained and, where possible, enhanced. For further details of the specification and build standards for F2043, please refer to the earlier Sales Page from 2009.

Over the course of that quarter century the car has yet to cover more than 8000 miles, and has been cosseted every inch of the way. Prior to the sale, the car had uprated vented discs fitted to improve braking performance, and a fully reconditioned steering rack was introduced early in 2014.

The engine had had a number of significant servicing tasks completed, including the installation of a new water pump, a set of new spark plug tubes, the replacement of the oil cooler pipes and a number of core plugs. In January 2014 a full Latham twin exhaust system was fitted, and new tyres followed in May 2014.

The engine had been regularly tuned and serviced and F2043 had a full "advice-free" MOT.

Such is the quality of this particular Latham that the car has been featured in at least two national magazines, and was the focus for an in-depth feature in Triumph World in 2012. F2043 has also appeared in Dolly Mixture, the magazine of the Triumph Dolomite Owners Club, and has been seen regularly at events such as the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show.

This excellent example of the Latham F2 was offered for sale with a wealth of spares, including the option to acquire the complete monocoque and body kit from F2045 - full details of F2045 are here.

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F2043 for sale


This was F2043 in July 2014, accompanied by F2045, preparing for their journey to a new home in the south of France.

Latham F2 chassis F2043

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