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Read Paul Latham Jackson's account of how the F2 came to exist
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September 2011

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. . . . to the website for the Latham Sports Register, the owners' club for the Latham F2 Super Sports.

Despite a very short production run that saw little more than twenty five cars leave the factory, the Latham F2 proved to be a revolutionary and influential car.

Launched in 1987, the F2 is believed to have been the first open-topped road car in the world to feature all-composite monocoque construction (ie: no steel or chassis of any kind between the front and rear bulkheads).

The car was remarkably light, at around 700 kilos or less, and most were fitted with Triumph's award-winning 2 litre 16-valve Sprint engine. This unit, typically generating around 160-180 bhp when fitted to the F2, guaranteed exhilarating acceleration and performance. This, combined with the car's low centre of gravity and race-inspired suspension, produced a car that offered its owners remarkable handling as well as fast, practical motoring. The Latham F2 ultimately became the inspiration for a remarkable Le Mans racecar, and its designer, Paul Latham Jackson, went on to work on projects for both Aston Martin and Jaguar.

This website is still growing steadily, and much remains to be added. However, thanks to an upsurge in interest in the Latham F2, including several "new" cars hitting the road for the first time in 2008 and 2009, it was decided to launch the site despite these shortcomings.

In time the site will feature more historical and technical information about the Latham F2 and the company that built it; a register of those cars that actually left the workshops and are still driven on the roads today; and a source of inspiration and support for owners and enthusiasts wherever they may be.

If you own a Latham and are not already in contact with the Register, or would like further information, then please contact us.

Latham F2, Driumph Dolomite Club, SODIT 2011
A pair of latham F2s at the Triumph Dolomite Club's annual SODIT meeting, September 2011

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